Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WELCOME! POST Your Stories Using Links Below Picture, Right

*Rations* is a Performance Meditation on Food Memory, Food Access, and Food Justice, from the local to the global, personal and political.

The performance will be in April, 2013, in the Theatre & Dance Department at Macalester College.  *RATIONS* is co-directed by Beth Cleary and Wynn Fricke, and will be based on the stories placed on this blog and on ideas generated in rehearsal by the performers.

This blog is launching in October, 2012, and invites your reflections, links to articles and stories, images -- from the local to the global, personal and political, on the stated themes:  food memory, food access, food justice.

Your posts will contribute directly to the making of *RATIONS,* and may appear as is, whether text or image, in the final piece.  If you sign your blogpost with your name, we will credit you.  If you wish to post but do not want to use your name, you may create a nom de plume (fake name) and post anonymously;  there's a drop-down menu that includes "Anonymous" as an option. 

Please post now and often! *RATIONS*  is a community-inspired piece, where "community" is at once virtual, lived, imagined, and in process, near and far.

Join in!